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How to Plan a Communion Party at Home

Making your First Holy Communion is an important day for every child. It is a special occasion for your whole family and deserves to be celebrated in style! A party at home is the perfect way to celebrate with loved ones. Here at Little Spoon Hire we’ve decided to share some tips on how to plan a Communion party at home.


1. Number of Guests

Guest numbers are the first step to successfully planning a party! Will it just be close family celebrating or will you be inviting relatives, friends, and your favourite neighbours along too? Once you have a number you can start planning your delicious menu!


2. Food

Are you savvy in the kitchen? Will you be donning your chef’s hat and creating a beautiful spread to feed your guests, or will you hire a caterer? Even if you are a fantastic cook, sometimes it is simply more convenient to book a caterer. It will allow you to focus on being a fantastic host for your guests!

If you are preparing the meal yourself here are some tips:

  • Keep the meal simple.

  • Avoid choosing anything that needs too much last-minute attention.

  • Prepare as much as you can the day before the meal.

  • Ask family members to bring something with them. Whether it’s a side salad or a delicious dessert, it all helps.

  • If you are serving hot food, you will need to hire chafing dishes to keep the food heated.

  • Make sure and have plenty of service spoons, especially if you are choosing a buffet style meal.


3. Extra Settings

Hiring crockery is a simple, stress-free way to be confident that you have enough tableware for everyone. From our experience here at Little Spoon Hire, we have found that guests really do notice if the plate ware is a mishmash of colours and designs. Our beautiful white Steelite crockery will add a professional and stylish finish to your party.

  • Check how many courses you are having and whether you have enough settings for every guest.

  • Bread baskets are handy for placing a selection of bread on each table.

  • Don’t forget guests will likely want tea / coffee after their meal. You may need extra teacups, saucers, teaspoons, milk jugs and sugar bowls.

  • If you have a large number of guests, hiring a Burco boiler will definitely come in handy. It will save you boiling the kettle over and over again!


3. Drinks

Drink selections are endless for a party. When there is no bar, it’s always better to play it safe and go with the most popular options. I would suggest choosing a red wine, white wine, beer and a cocktail option. Gin & tonic would be perfect for your cocktail. It is an incredibly popular drink and looks beautiful in our balloon cocktail glass. Also, we would recommend having pint glasses on hand for your guests drinking beer. It’s a lovely touch to be able to offer your guests a glass instead of a bottle or can.

Here are some tips that we always tell our customers:

  • Make sure and have lots of ice.

  • A wedge of lemon and some mixed berries are a beautiful way to serve a gin & tonic.

  • If you are serving cocktails, make sure and have straws as an option.

  • Seems obvious, but make sure you have a few bottle openers available.

  • Also, a great trick is to tie a bottle opener onto a beer bucket with a piece of string. People tend to walk away with the bottle opener in hand without realising it!


4. Furniture

You're flying it now! Your guests have arrived, and you have a beautiful selection of food and drinks. Now… where is everyone going to sit?? It’s so important to make sure you have enough tables and chairs for your guests. We’ve all been that person… standing with a plate of lovely food in one hand and a glass of wine in the other and not having the ability to eat or drink either one! Here at Little Spoon, we have a range of tables and chairs available to hire. Our beautiful lime-wash Chiavari chairs are a perfect fit for a communion party at home.

Here at Little Spoon Hire we would recommend thinking about the following:

  • Count your guest numbers and check how many people you can seat comfortably in your home.

  • Don’t forget that you will need napkins for your place settings.

  • We also offer hire of linen & napkins for our tables.

  • Fresh flowers are an easy and beautiful centrepiece to finish off dressing your tables.


5. Enjoy Your Day!

A communion day only happens once, so enjoy it surrounded by your family & friends.

Please Contact Us if you would like a quote for your communion hire.


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